New Hampshire Opioid Prescribing Resource for Chronic Non-Terminal Pain Latest Information and Resources.

NHMS has recently updated information on Opioid Prescribing Resources for Chronic Non-terminal Pain. A complete listing of the latest information and resources can be found here. 

Texting May Help Smokers Kick the Habit

Some good news about texting: A review of studies published by the Cochrane Collaboration finds that smokers trying to quit the habit are helped in a big way by supportive messages sent via text.We all know it's really hard to quit smoking. That’s why the results of this new analysis are encouraging. With help from text messages, hopeful quitters actually doubled their chance of success. Just don’t text and drive!

JUA Settlement Information for those who haven’t heard.

NHMS has received numerous inquiries from physicians who were past NH Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriters Association (JUA) policyholders but who have not received any communications from the class action suit Claims Administrator.  Some of the omissions may be due to address changes (even just a change in suite number), a change in the practice name or dissolution of a practice. Contact Carrie at the JUA, 800 221-2503, to confirm your past status as a policyholder and to find what information was provided to the Claims Administrator.  Next, contact the Claims Administrator to verify you