NHMS Facilitating Connections and Best Practices.

This week the AMA had its interim meeting in Hawaii and while I didn't have the opportunity to attend, I was able to watch some of the proceedings via the net.  I was particularly struck by the comments of AMA President Jeremy Lazarus. You can watch his full presentation Here. In talking about how to move forward with implementing health care reform and creating a model of care integration Dr. Lazarus said, "Our loftiest aspirations are exactly what's needed now to transform our health care system...and that physicians can accomplish great things when they work together."  He also indicated that even with increased partnerships within medicine, physicians will need to build connections with those outside of medicine to address the social determinants of health such as housing, employment and education and their impact on individual health.  

First Step in Our Journey to Better Healthcare System in NH.

Elections bring out strong emotions in all of us.  There are winners and losers and we often feel very strongly about the candidates we supported.  Following the election, we are exhausted from the campaign.  We are left wondering what, if anything, are we to do next and how can we move our agenda forward.  The answer is rarely clear, however, regardless of how we feel about the results of the election, doing nothing is not an option.

The work of the NHMS is critically important to advancing our profession and the public's health. While we may not know how our agenda will be received by our elected officials, we must reach out in good faith to them because they are the ones with whom we will work with over the next few years. 

Honored to be 181st President.

This past weekend the NHMS voted in new officers and I was honored to be elected as our 181st president.  Our Society is one of great tradition that values science, advocacy, individual health, public health, and the sacred doctor-patient relationship.  This year I hope to continue the important work of Dr. Cooper and the other 179 presidents who preceded me.  I plan to focus our efforts on: building a robust portfolio of health policy related activities, advocating to reinstate the tobacco tax to prevent youth and adult smoking, and addressing the state budget crisis so future state budgets better reflect New Hampshire and NHMS values. These are big and important initiatives and the NHMS is going to need your help.