November 12, 2019

I hope to see many of you at the NH Medical Society Annual Scientific Conference this coming weekend at the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods. It is great to see so many of you signed up to attend and I am looking forward to the President’s Inaugural Dinner, since I will be less nervous and able to enjoy the meal!

As I enter my last week as NH Medical Society president, I thank you all for allowing me to represent you for the past year. I am thrilled to have had this opportunity and I enjoyed bringing the topic of vaccinations back to the forefront of public health.

The outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases allowed my topic to be exceedingly relevant over the past year. The experiences I had as an AMA delegate and participant of the New England Delegation to the AMA were eye opening events that exemplified how we all can make legitimate changes to our healthcare system. Working more closely with all of you has given me a broader outlook into other areas of medicine outside of my pediatric world.

The legislative work of the Medical Society before the NH General Court saw a five-fold increase this past year to more than 300 physicians testifying before the legislature, as compared to prior legislative sessions! This is amazing work and shows the dedication of the physicians of New Hampshire. 

All of our work as physicians on the NHMS Council is only possible because of the amazing staff of the Medical Society and they have made this past year more enjoyable and more stress free than I expected. Thank you all very much for allowing me this opportunity and I look forward to more years working with the Council to advocate for physicians and public health.

Tessa Lafortune-Greenberg, MD
NHMS President

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