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The NHMS Legislative Committee and staff tackle federal and state legislative issues that impact you. They continuously monitor bills that may effect physicians’ practice environments and patient access to care, attend and testify at hearings and organize physician rallies on topics of special significance. For more information on the current legislative agenda or how you can get involved, contact

Your Lobbyists

The NHMS prides itself on dedicated staff to represent you at the Statehouse and in Washington.  Our seasoned lobbying staff includes:

James Potter,Executive Vice President –
Michael Padmore, Director of Advocacy - 
Catrina Watson, Lobbyist –

Payer Liaison

The relationship with payers in New Hampshire is an area to which the NHMS devotes much focus. We realize that through continued communication and conflict resolution we can make the healthcare environment better for all involved. If you have a specific payer issue that you would like the NHMS to address, please send to If you would like information about participating in the Payer Liaison Committee, please contact

Public Health

The NHMS developed a Public Health Committee in mid-2005 in order to concentrate efforts on areas that specifically affect public health. We welcome input and involvement.

Contact Your Elected Officials:

The following resources are useful in contacting your elected officials:


Governor’s Office:
State Senate:
House of Representatives:


Senator Shaheen:
Senator Hassan:
Rep. Chris Pappas (District 1):
Rep. Kuster (District 2):

What Congressional District am I in?

NH Bills:  
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