New Hampshire Eye PAC dues

New Hampshire Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons

To:            New Hampshire Eye Society Members

From:        Lu Szmyd, Eye PAC Chair
                 Warren Goldblatt, Eye PAC Treasurer

Date:         May 2019

Subject:     Eye PAC Dues

With the General Court just completing “crossover,” it’s a reminder that New Hampshire Eye PAC needs your help to support candidates who help eye physicians and surgeons.

The biggest change in the 2019 General Court has been the election of one physician in the New Hampshire Senate and seven physicians in the House, including retired ophthalmologist Dr. Bill Marsh, helping promote a strong physician voice in the Health & Human Services and Child & Family Law Committees.

Thank you for your past support of these colleagues and other like-minded candidates.

But we can’t rest there. We are now in the process of encouraging and recruiting additional physicians for elected office to help spread their input in the commerce committees, historically controlled by insurance interests.

Making that first step by supporting the candidacy of a state senator or state representative is critical. In order to continue to be able to provide financial assistance to candidates who are supportive of our positions, we need your 2019 PAC dues to build up the account in preparation for the coming election cycle.

We are asking every New Hampshire Eye Society member to make your 2019 Eye PAC dues payment by June 1st.

You may donate online or send your personal check for $250, payable to:

NH Eye Physicians & Surgeons, ECC
7 North State Street
Concord, NH 03301-4018

Thank you for your prompt attention and response.