Board of Medicine Seeks Physician Members for Medical Review Subcommittee

December 3, 2019

The Medical Review Subcommittee (“MRSC”) to the Board of Medicine (“Board”), pursuant to RSA 329:17, V-a, is looking for two (2) physician members and one (1) public member to serve on the MRSC.   For the physician members, the MRSC is in need of the following specialties:  Emergency Medicine and Family Practice. 

RSA 329:17, V-a states “A medical review subcommittee of 13 members shall be nominated by the board of medicine and appointed by the governor and council. The subcommittee shall consist of 13 persons, 9 of whom shall be physicians, one of whom shall be a physician assistant, and 3 of whom shall be public members. One of the physician members shall practice in the area of pain medicine and anesthesiology. No public member of the subcommittee shall be or ever have been a member of the medical profession or the spouse of a member of the medical profession. No public member shall have or ever have had a material financial interest in either the provision of medical services or an activity directly related to medicine, including the representation of the board or profession for a fee. The terms of the public members shall be staggered so that no 2 public members' terms expire in the same year. The subcommittee members shall be appointed for 3-year terms, and shall serve no more than 2 terms. Upon referral by the board, the subcommittee shall review disciplinary actions reported to the board under paragraphs II-V of this section, except that matters concerning a medical director involved in a current internal or external grievance pursuant to RSA 420-J shall not be reviewed until the grievance process has been completed. Following review of each case, the subcommittee shall make recommendations to the board. Funds shall be appropriated from the general fund for use by the subcommittee to investigate allegations under paragraphs I-V of this section. The state of New Hampshire, by the board and the office of professional licensure and certification, and with the approval of governor and council, shall contract with a qualified physician to serve as a medical review subcommittee investigator.” 

The MRSC meets once monthly on the first Wednesday beginning at 1:00 P.M.  The MRSC reviews all complaints, claims, etc. received by the Board and makes recommendations to the Board regarding final actions. 

If you meet the criteria above and wish to apply for the public member vacancy or one of the physician vacancies on the MRSC, please send your letter of interest and a current resume or curriculum vitae to: 

Emily Baker, M.D., President
NH Board of Medicine
121 South Fruit Street, Suite 301
Concord, New Hampshire 03301